Potent Sites is THE easy, low cost, all in one marketing solution for your dispensary

Nobody beats our
all-in-one solution!

Nobody beats our
all in one solution!

Before Potent Sites, dispensaries were expected to source (and pay through the nose for) a mobile-compatible website, SEO, SEM/PPC ads, a loyalty program, sales conversion automation, marketing automation and more.

The headaches of integrating multiple software vendors with your dispensary operations software was no joke. And the cumulative cost was astronomical! And knowing which of your vendors would fess up to resolve that weird bug or crash was the icing on top of that crap cake.

Welcome to your all-in-one solution, Potent Sites.

A beautiful, powerful and easy website

Your customers will love your website! Richly branded, lightning fast loading times, and perfectly formatted for all screen sizes, including phones. Updates to your text and graphics are a snap!

Full-featured integration of Dutchie Enhanced

Utilize 100% of Dutchie Enhanced’s dispensary operations platform, perfectly integrated into your Potent Sites website. Customers will appreciate the winning combo of Potent Sites x Dutchie.

Our powerful sync tech reflects your inventory

Our proprietary software technology, PotentConnect, keeps your website in perfect, live sync with your dispensary’s inventory (products, quantities, descriptions, product shots and more.)

Your own ecommerce store maxes your selling

Let’s say you want to retail more than cannabis. Merch, homewares, collectables, even subscriptions can be sold from your own tightly-integrated Potent Sites ecommerce store.

Gain more customers with excellent, easy SEO

Some people want you to believe that Search Engine Optimization for dispensaries is a mysterious, dark art. Let us show you how simply Potent Sites SEO gets you ranking great in Google! 

Easy, targeted Search Engine Marketing & PPC

No-cost SEM as well as Pay Per Click advertisements for your dispensary on Google’s and Microsoft’s advertising networks. Target by zipcode, gender, time of day and many other factors.

Simple and powerful customer loyalty

Running your own branded customer loyalty program doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. We’ve included a great loyalty system into Potent Sites for no additional cost.

Close the deal on those abandoned carts

Sales conversion automation is built right into Potent Sites. Automatically trigger an email to customers who have abandoned shopping carts, and optionally include an incentive or coupon.

Marketing automation made easy

“Marketing Automation” is just a fancy term for sending your customers and prospects regular marketing emails and texts. We’ve built MA into Potent Sites, for not a dollar more!

Sell more on your web store with live chat

Potent Sites includes the internet’s best implementation of live visitor chat. Sell more and delight your return customers by greeting and helping them in your web store, in real time.

Build your community with our event calendar

Offer a beautiful, easy events calendar on your website to help develop an all-important sense of community around your dispensary. You can even sell tickets for free or for money.

Tell your story your way with content marketing

We include basic content marketing (social media and blog posts written by expert copywriters) for no additional cost in every Potent Site. Need more? We have great rates!

Your joint deserves the dopest branding

The Potent Sites team has collective decades of hype branding experience (we’ve created hundreds of brands.) Stand out from the crowd with free branding by Potent Sites.

Graphic design included and on your timeline

Got your brand? Every annual Potent Site includes free design services. Ask us to punch out social media graphics, product shots, exit packaging, merch and production… 

Public Relations included in every deal

Every Potent Sites dispensary gets PR services included in their annual contract! Announce your news to the wide world of media and built hype for your unique story. Need more? Ask us!

Make informed decisions like a boss

Potent Sites includes the internet’s most powerful website and visitor analytics. With a simple dashboard and regular reports you can tweak your website for constant sales improvements.

Expert dispensary training is included

The cannabusiness experts at Potent Sites include free training, exclusive online courseware and mentoring for you and your team. More training is included in our Pro and Ultimate product tiers. 

High security comes as standard

Potent Sites are built on the internet’s most widely-used and well-understood web infrastructure, and includes Sucuri anti-malware, anti-virus and exploit monitoring as standard.

Business benefits


Get open and operational faster

New dispensary license holders are usually under pressure to get open and operational fast. Their state government regulator wants them open, their investors want them open, and their potential customers want to buy their products!

Adopting Potent Sites means you save massive time and many headaches. No longer do you need to evaluate, license, pay for and integrate multiple software vendors into your dispensary marketing system.

Save a ton of money

The legal cannabis industry can be expensive to do business in. Many crucial marketing products and services cost a lot of money. When you have to use multiple products, the monthly overheads can make profitability tough!

Potent Sites has always been and will always be a low cost solution. We save money by integrating multiple marketing services into the one easy and powerful platform. And we pass those savings onto you.

More vendors means more problems

Having many vendors can demand a lot of time to learn and use all the software. Not to mention training your staff. And when something breaks in the integrated system you’ve assembled, which vendor is on the hook to fix the problem?

Potent Sites helps dispensaries to do streamlined, efficient, easy and often automated marketing from one powerful platform. Something not working as expected? We can fix it fast.

Expert branding, public relations and graphic design and training is included! 

Every tier of a Potent Sites solution includes free branding services to make your site look great, free PR services to get the word out about your dispensary and products, and free graphic design services to get your content marketing and social media game running strong.

Hard to believe? Our heritage is in branding, PR and digital marketing so you we’ve got this!

Every tier of Potent Sites also includes our dispensary training services, online courseware and strategy consulting at no additional cost.

Need more help than your Potent Sites tier provides? We have affordable à la carte and package deals for more of the good stuff.

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