Potent Sites had the honor of being invited to join an esteemed panel of experts at a unique event, hosted by Cannabis NYC, a division of the NYC Department of Small Business Services. This gathering, which assembled nearly a hundred CAURD licensees from the most recent and preceding cohorts, showcased the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is the heartbeat of the burgeoning legal cannabis industry in New York City.

Moderated by Harvey Newkirk for the New York CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce, our very own Simon Cousins took the stage alongside Donna Bracey of Bud, Weed, and Flower. The duo offered deep insights into two key components shaping the success of the cannabis dispensary industry: strategic marketing and thoughtfully designed architecture.

Simon Cousins, representing Potent Sites, drew from our company’s rich heritage in digital marketing, cannabis consulting and deal-making, branding, and public relations to shed light on the immense value of marketing in the adult-use cannabis space. He emphasized how an all-in-one marketing platform like Potent Sites is becoming indispensable for dispensaries navigating this rapidly evolving industry.

“Creating a potent brand in the crowded cannabis marketplace is not just about standing out; it’s about resonating with the consumers, nurturing relationships, and making a lasting impression,” Cousins shared with the audience. “With Potent Sites, dispensaries can streamline their marketing efforts, leveraging a single, powerful platform to efficiently and effectively reach their target audience.”

Donna Bracey, from Bud, Weed, and Flower, complemented this discussion by delving into the role of architecture in creating a distinctive brand and vibe for cannabis dispensaries. Bracey emphasized that a thoughtfully designed dispensary can significantly enhance sales and overall business performance by creating an engaging, immersive environment that elevates the customer experience.

As the two panelists highlighted, the synergy between well-executed marketing and architecture can powerfully project a dispensary’s unique brand, vibe, and ethos to its clientele. This combination can lead to stronger sales, improved business performance, and increased net value – a compelling testament to the significance of marketing and architecture in shaping the future of the cannabis industry.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Dasheeda Dawson, the founding director of Cannabis NYC, and NYC Small Business Services commissioner Kevin D. Kim, for inviting us to participate in this event. The New York CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce’s active role in facilitating such enlightening discussions is deeply appreciated.

Finally, congratulations to all new dispensary licensees! As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, we at Potent Sites are committed to providing the tools and support you need to navigate this exciting journey and carve out your unique place in the market.

Until the next event, keep it potent!